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Are the shawl pins included with the shawls?

The shawl pins shown in the photos are not included with the shawls.  Pins may be purchased separately.  See shawl pin listing for current styles available.

How do I care for my shawl?

Hand wash, warm water.

Do not wring or twist.

Roll in towel to remove excess water.
Lay flat to air dry.

Do not bleach or iron.

What size shawl should I get?

Are you looking for something warm and cuddly for a chilly evening, or something more of a decorative accent piece?  What is your body type, and how do you want the shawl/scarf to fit? 

Let’s explore some of the factors that can influence your decision:

Most of the pieces shown in the photos were woven on a 3-ft loom and are displayed on a slender, adult figure form.  If the shawl is to be worn by a larger person, if will fit differently, or you may want to get a 4-ft shawl to achieve a similar loosely draped look.  Note that due to the nature of triangle loom weaving, larger shawls will not only be wider, but will also be longer.  Someone who is short might feel a bit overwhelmed by a 7-ft shawl with 9-inch fringe.  On the other hand, the larger the shawl, the more versatile and adaptable to different wearing styles.  The shawl shown in the “how to wear your shawl” photos was woven on a 4-ft loom, and once again displayed on a slender figure.  A larger person might want to go one size up to achieve a similar look.

Also bear in mind that the look and fit of a particular size weaving can be influenced by different yarns, weave structures, and amount of fringe.

So….   It all gets down to personal preference.   If you see something here you like, but are unsure about the size, contact me and I’ll see if I can help you decide.   

How can I wear my shawl?

There are many ways to wear a lariat necklace.  It can even be worn as a belt. To make the decorative knot shown on my necklaces, follow the steps below:   Click here to see photos.


step 1   Loop around neck

step 2   Twist loop

step 3   Bring both ends over top of loop & down through center.  Done.

More ornate:

step 1 & 2 same as above

step 3   Bring one end over top of loop, through center, & down behind bottom of loop.  Bring other end under top of loop, through center, & down over bottom of loop.  

step 4  Cross the two end pieces within loop and change over/under position of ends at bottom of loop.  

Loop should be trapped so it will not come undone.  Adjust to make knot higher/lower, bigger/smaller.