How do you make those lariat necklace knots?

There are many ways to wear a lariat necklace.  It can even be worn as a belt. To make the decorative knot shown on my necklaces, follow the steps below:   Click here to see photos.


step 1   Loop around neck

step 2   Twist loop

step 3   Bring both ends over top of loop & down through center.  Done.

More ornate:

step 1 & 2 same as above

step 3   Bring one end over top of loop, through center, & down behind bottom of loop.  Bring other end under top of loop, through center, & down over bottom of loop.  

step 4  Cross the two end pieces within loop and change over/under position of ends at bottom of loop.  

Loop should be trapped so it will not come undone.  Adjust to make knot higher/lower, bigger/smaller.